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Handcrafted Furniture – Patagonia

We’ve been designing tables at JoJo’s for 20 years. We’ve built and refinished hundreds of tables—all sizes and in many different styles. The process is something we’ve fine tuned over the years; we look at each new table as an exciting challenge. The final product is a work of art.

If you live in Vancouver you’re likely to have walked by, or even pulled up a chair to one of our tables and not even known it. Many of our pieces have found their way into various cafes, restaurants & boutiques around town.

We know It can be a little daunting for some of our clients in the beginning trying to visualize how their table will look when all is said and done. It’s important that you know, we want you to LOVE your new piece. Because this isn’t just another item off an assembly line. It’s one of a kind. Whether we’re designing and building for a cafe, your office or your dining room—the process is always the same.

 It starts with you! 

What is your vision? Do you want a focal piece—or perhaps something that will blend seamlessly into the space you have already carefully created? What styles are you drawn to? What materials catch your eye?

And of course—what dimensions will suit you best?

Recently we crafted several pieces for Patagonia. Their brand is already well established, and so they had a fairly concrete idea of the ‘look’ they were trying to achieve. In one word: Industrial. Their new location here in Vancouver also happens to be quite spacious, so they were happy to have pieces that were bold and substantial.

The latest piece we designed for them is a Display Table.


Our contact at Patagonia wanted a table that had an Industrial feel, using steel & reclaimed wood. Joshua had a few ideas that immediately sprung to mind. It just so happened we had four heavy old Cast Iron Cabriole legs in the shop as well as a recently acquired old Fir Workbench top, in excellent condition. We sent some pictures to Patagonia, discussed the details, and we got the go-ahead.

First we fashioned a Steel Base so that we could attach the Cast Iron legs. We wanted the look of the Steel and the Cast Iron to be as seamless as possible. Then we added the old Fir Workbench top.

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Josh worked his magic, giving the table some final touches before delivering it to it’s new home.

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If you are interested in having a table designed and handcrafted just for you—contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

~ JoJo’s Place


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